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There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.

Remember that.

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i’m sorry did someone say natalie dormer as paul dierden?

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your makeup recs are perfect - i just wanted to give a shout about Stila's liquid felt tip liner. i have been using it for about a year now and it's my favorite (and i've tried a lot). it's a little pricey but i've learned to draw on the main line with a UD pencil and draw the wing with the liquid and it goes pretty smoothly together and the liquid lasts way longer. just wanted to throw that out there!

ahhhh yay!! glad you have experience w/ one :D i find them too intimidating but want to get a handle on them eventually so i can do sharp wings. one day….

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omg you too? i thought it was me or a chrome problem so i didn’t mentioned it anywhere but it’s ANNOYING, my fonts and the size changed :/

blehhhh i hope it reverts on its own, i’m not actually sure how to fix it >:( if it’s a tumblr-wide problem i imagine they’ll remedy it….right…..

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why are all the fonts in my theme suddenly wrong…….

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no one wants to be equal to privileged people

we want to dismantle the system that gives people privilege in the first place

so stop yr whining like “how can u say want EQUALITY if u dont kiss cishet ass 24/7??”

i have so many people i want to force to read this post

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makeup recs!

specifically for alice kinneys but also for anyone else who might be interested 😊💄💕

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I’ll have to post things a bit out of order, since some are traditional and so… but here’s Daisugaweek day 4: Alternate universe! I’m thinking His dark materials, where people have animal daemons, parts of their soul walking with them! Daichi has a siberian husky, and Suga a crow, but a swedish black and grey one. Instead of the completely black one people usually talk about. (also first time Suga touches Daichi’s deamon??!!! Like the final confession, beyond words??!! mhm??!!)

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